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Foton View Traveller vs Toyota Hiace Super Grandia LXV: Bang-for-the-buck VS Well-known quality

Posted on: April 03, 2017

Toyota Hiace LXV - http://www.toyota.com.ph/ Photo source: Toyota Hiace LXV - http://www.toyota.com.ph/
In a segment where space is everything, it is easy to say that the Filipino favorite Toyota Hiace Super Grandia wins the crown easily as seen through the years. With the recent introduction of the LXV variant with an added 540mm to its wheelbase and bubble roof, the Hiace just became more appealing for the largest of families. But what will happen when the same tried and tested platform was offered way below the Super Grandia LXV’s price, albeit sold by a Chinese car company? Does the premium of having a Japanese branded van justify the difference in their prices?

These two behemoths might share the same platform but it differs in a lot of ways. Starting with the exterior, the Hiace retains the same design since its introductions a decade ago with only a few updates to refresh its looks. The Traveller almost resembles the Hiace but thankfully the front fascia is different from the Hiace with different headlight and grille designs. The rear tail lights and wheel design are different as well. But still, it was very easy to mistake the Traveller for a Hiace especially at night and from afar. Inside is where the two differs by a large margin.

The LXV offers premium features like four leather captain chairs with ottoman feature and a DVD ready multimedia system while the Traveller doesn’t have any of those. What the Traveller have are the most essential features like a basic multimedia system, reverse parking sensors and enough seats for 15 people opposed to the LXV’s 10 seater configuration. Materials used inside the LXV is more presentable and has a better feeling compared to the Traveller’s choice of material. Space inside is very abundant especially the head room where you can stand inside without too much bending over. Basically, both parties offer the same space inside but they differ in their target passengers with the Traveller being a general people hauler while the LXV is for the people who wants some solo space and comfort.

Their drivetrain also differs a lot. The LXV features a detuned version of the 3.0 liter D4D Turbocharged diesel engine from the Fortuner and Hilux only paired to a 4 speed automatic transmission while the Traveller features a Cummins 2.8 liter Turbocharged CRDi diesel engine paired to a 5 speed manual transmission. On paper, both engines provide almost the same amount of power which is enough to propel both these gargantuan to speed.

The biggest difference of the two is their prices. At around 1.3 million pesos, the Foton View Traveller is almost 1.2 million pesos less than the Super Grandia LXV. Even with the difference with their configuration and fit and finish inside, it is hard to justify the additional amount that can buy you another Foton View traveler which costs just shy of the Hiace Commuter’s price. But still, the Foton Traveller still have to prove its worth since Chinese brands are known for quality issues since their introduction here in the Philippines while the Toyota Hiace is well-known to deliver good quality over the years.

Written by J.I. Alvarez

Foton View Traveller - http://www.foton.com.ph photo Photo source: Foton View Traveller - http://www.foton.com.ph


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