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All-New Kia Picanto Revealed

Posted on: January 15, 2017

Kia officially released images of the upcoming All-New 2017 Kia Picanto in its GT variant. After teasing us with sketches last year, Kia stayed true to the beautiful and aggressive lines of its drawings. Not only does the exterior looks cool and vibrant, but also the interior sports a new design language that is very different from the outgoing model which is a good thing. The all new multimedia system that features a floating touchscreen looks premium along with the new materials and color scheme of the interior. Expected to be revealed on the Geneva International Auto Show this March, the Kia Picanto might be the one to look out for in its class, just like the outgoing model that became a game changer during its time.

5273c7b9db5f8b5a3df7d794fce6cb4c_ID3.jpg photo  
943e8d2da06ad9a9da59dbaf2a6f2e9d_ID3.jpg photo  
506a75e1ad9501e3aa95161e63de9dc5_ID3.jpg photo  


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