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The New Kia Picanto

Posted on: August 11, 2017

I was a bit excited when Kia released some pictures of the upcoming All-New Picanto with its sharp and futuristic design of the concept car. Well, the All-New Picanto is finally in the Philippines and at first look it might be as successful as the model it replaces. The old Picanto was a revolution in its category during its release in 2011 and it looks like the new one might as well change the game again. The exterior looks really sharp and sporty accentuated more by the daytime running lights, new projector type headlights, sporty wheel design and low profile tires. Kia even added a GT Line trim that features added red accents on the already prominent design cues. The interior can be described as tasteful and unique compared to its rivals in the price bracket with the floating multimedia console. Space grew inside and out to accommodate more room for the passengers. Engine choice is only a 1.2 litter mill paired to a 5 speed manual transmission or 4 speed automatic transmission. The All-new Picanto can be easily hailed as the best looking car in its class, just like its predecessor 6 years ago. Hopefully this new generation Picanto will have the same dynamic ability of the old one.

Pricing for the 2018 Kia Picanto is as follows:

Picanto 1.2 M/T - Php 625,000

Picanto 1.2 A/T - PhP 685,000

4d077520b31b54782e7ecf55e770bfe7_ID_23.jpg photo  
867b984dfe65b70c0d11907064f18203_ID_23.jpg photo  
7cc551347d3d52be9b008adf1a631523_ID_23.jpg photo  


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