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Kia Rio

Posted on: August 08, 2017

http://kia.com.ph Photo source: http://kia.com.ph
Kia has just released the 4th generation Kia Rio and second Rio that was designed by Kia’s Peter Schreyer. The third generation Rio was a success in terms of design and functionality. Will this 4th gen match its predecessor’s success?

It is easy to say that Kia nowadays looks more at home in Europe than Korea because of ex-Volkswagen group designer Peter Schreyer who penned the New Beetle and the iconic Audi TT. This made Kia look more upscale with the improvement in build quality and materials. The Rio is no exception from this change in design and the 4th generation Rio certainly looks German with a hint of Volkswagen Golf in its design. The Kia Rio looks apart again from the competition sporting a slightly more aggressive design with a hint of functionality compared to its predecessor. The sharp and overflowing lines from the stylish headlight running to the very effective tail lights gives a premium look to the Rio.

Once inside, you are greeted with a sea of black and grey interior with a dash of aluminum accents. It’s not as bad as the plastic interior of the past Kia vehicles and its easy on the eyes. Space is adequate for 5 people plus enough of luggage space for an overnight trip down the beach. Multimedia system features standard gadgetry that you can find in every car today. We just hope there is an option for a touch screen feature that is a cool but functional feature every car nowadays has.

Surprisingly, Kia didn’t update the engine from the last generation Rio. They retained the 1.4 liter “Kappa” engine with continuous variable valve timing paired to a 4 speed automatic transmission while most competitor has a 1.5 liter engine paired to a more sophisticated gearbox that not only contributes in distributing power more effectively but also is more fuel efficient.

It’s a mix of advantages and disadvantages for the All-New Rio but how does it drive? The old one didn’t disappoint and this new Rio certainly is in the same track. City driving is a no brainer for this car. Steering is light and easy while the functional design and dimension makes it easy to maneuver also. When the road gets twisty, the Rio shines its balance and sportiness also thanks to its big sporty wheels with low profile tires. Just don’t expect to leave other cars in the dust as the engine and outdated transmission doesn’t feel sporty and powerful enough when pitted with its rivals. Fuel efficiency is also a concern with the engine needing more revs to push the Rio around.

If you want a stylish car that looks the part that can be easily mistaken as a European car without spending too much for the real deal, then the Rio is for you. But at 955,000 Pesos for the top-of-the-line variant, it will be a tough sell because a lot off its competitors costs less while offering more. Nevertheless, the All-New Rio is still a looker for those who prioritize style and uniqueness over everything.

http://kia.com.ph photo Photo source: http://kia.com.ph
http://kia.com.ph photo Photo source: http://kia.com.ph
http://kia.com.ph photo Photo source: http://kia.com.ph
http://kia.com.ph photo Photo source: http://kia.com.ph


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