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New Mazda CX 9

Posted on: July 07, 2017

The All-New Mazda CX-9 was discreetly introduced in the market. There is not much fuss about it until one sees how much it improved in terms of styling. The “Kodo” design language of Mazda cars nowadays is a perfect example of form and function combined with the CX-9 being one of the sleekest cars out there and probably the most dynamic looking SUV to date. But how much improvement does it offer compared to the last generation CX-9 that already received high praises anywhere around the world?

Starting with the exterior, there is no denying that this car is from Mazda. The CX-9 is the largest SUV from Mazda and it certainly looks like the CX-5 and CX-3 whilst having a full size SUV body. Only those who preferred bulky SUVs for off-road use might despise the CX-9’s design but surely the CX-9 is a refreshing sight to see on busy streets and smooth highways where it really belongs. Dimensions wise, the new CX-9 doesn’t look bigger but still offers ample space for 7 passengers in relative comfort.
Inside the CX-9, a sea of leather upholstery greets you with tastefully accentuated dashboard and a multimedia system that gives convenience to everyone who experiences this SUV. Space is really abundant with the seats giving you lots of support for those spirited drives. The driver can concentrate on the road thanks to the steering wheel mounted audio controls, Bluetooth and cruise control. There is a Bose sound system with a digital amplifier and 12 speakers that makes every trip worthwhile for the audiophiles and for those who wants their music sounding crisp and powerful at the same time.

The drivetrain probably received the biggest update aside from the body. Gone is the gas guzzling 3.7 liter V6 in favor of a much more efficient 2.5 liter turbocharged Sky-Activ engine. The new engine may be down at least 40 horsepower but it gains more torque at a lower RPM. Combine this on a less overall weight, the new CX-9 is just as fast as the old one but with more usable power down the rev range while consuming less fuel. The 6 speed automatic transmission squeezes every ounce of power available smoothly and quickly.

One of the assets of a Mazda car is its dynamic handling and the CX-9 doesn’t disappoint. Those 20 inch wheels with wide tires grip the ground like a sports car while the body is composed in every corner making you feel driving a much smaller car. With its sporty characteristics, safety isn’t compromised with 6 airbags available and a host of electronic aids paired with an all-wheel drive system to keep you planted on the ground.

Designed as a very stylish crossover SUV, the CX-9 will definitely turn heads in the city and turn around the corner with ease on a winding road.

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