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Montero Sport GLX

Posted on: June 12, 2017

There is no denying that the current crop of pick-up based sport utility vehicles like the Mitsubishi Montero Sport has been priced considerably higher compared to the model it replaces. Yes, a lot of technology has been added to its platform that makes it feel more premium. That means a premium amount will really be added depending on the variant. What about those people who doesn’t prioritize extra gadgets that you really don’t need anyway and just wants the sturdy platform and “necessities” in a car? Good thing Mitsubishi gave us the Montero Sport GLX. Does being almost 600k pesos less that the top of the line GT variant make it the bargain of the century?

The Montero Sport GLX didn’t lose that much on aesthetics. It still has all the chromes of the more expensive variants and still features that futuristic look it was known for. For the keen eyes out there, you can notice the GLX features a different wheel design compared to the GT variant and the roof mounted antenna. Basically, you don’t lose that much on looks for the base which is a good thing.

Inside the GLX variant is where you notice the biggest difference from the other variants, the absence of an automatic transmission. Aside from the manual transmission which is a 6 speed unit and fabric seats, the Montero Sport GLX still features most of the goodies from other variants like its multimedia system that displays a lot of information about the car, climate control system and steering wheel mounted controls. Space inside is still abundant while all around visibility will be a problem if you are used to old SUVs with tall roof and large glass. Nevertheless, the Montero Sport GLX can still sit 7 comfortably.

Driving the Montero Sport GLX is still the same 2.4 liter MIVEC turbo-diesel engine found in all other variants albeit paired with a long geared 6 speed manual transmission. Being rear wheel drive doesn’t remove that much of a function since most SUVs nowadays are driven in the city and occasional long highway drives. Even with less capability compared to the four wheel drive GT variant, the GLX can still do light off-road thanks to its long travel suspension and chunky highway tires.

The 6-speed manual tranny has a light clutch and long throws that is quite a joy to use in the highway but requires more effort in the city. Gearing is quite long for our city streets because you need to rev the engine higher than usual to get it moving. Overall, the all-new clean diesel engine is still best paired with Mitsubishi’s 8 speed automatic transmission.

The Montero Sport GLX might lose some bells and whistles especially in the drivetrain and safety department, and at 1.4 million pesos, it is still a lot of money for a base variant SUV for some. But considering all the included kit available, it’s not bad of a deal either especially when the next variant will cost you 100k pesos more. Nevertheless, the Montero Sport in all of its variant is a great SUV considering it won both the 4WD and 2WD category in the recent Car of The Year Awards.

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