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Suzuki Carry DDiS

Posted on: May 08, 2017

The Suzuki Carry is a very popular choice for small businesses, fleet cars and personal use. Its small size, reliable engine and flexible platform was loved by almost all Filipinos from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. The re-introduction of the Suzuki Carry in our market with a turbocharged diesel engine opened the opportunity again for business owners to have a very efficient, reliable and capable mode of transport for their needs with an added benefit of having a diesel engine.

The latest generation Suzuki Carry still hasn’t changed much in terms of side which is a good thing for most of us. Its small and boxy shape is the most ideal size for city transport while carrying everything you need. The looks is a reminiscent from the eighth and ninth generation Suzuki Carry which everyone loved. You can have the Carry in different variants depending on your personal needs. You can have one as a truck, utility van, cargo van, jeepney body and APV utility van. Whatever type of business you have, a Suzuki Carry will satisfy your needs.

Interior space is decent while materials and equipment is as spartan as it gets. There is no air conditioning and power steering for the reason that the engine will suffer when the load gets heavy. However, there is still a 1-DIN stereo with auxiliary and USB port so you can listen to your tunes while sweating through traffic and the skinny tires provides little resistance to the unassisted steering. It may not be the most comfortable but surely it was purposeful. After all, this is a workhorse.

The main highlight of the latest Suzuki Carry is its engine. With gas prices rising again, having an efficient and reliable diesel engine was the way to go in every commercial vehicle available. The turbocharged diesel engine displaces only 800cc and two cylinders but it produces enough power (32 hp) and torque (75Nm) to haul its body and a maximum payload of 745 kg including the passengers. Surely, the old Suzuki Carry with different 3 cylinder gasoline engine variants can also do that feature with ease but in expense of fuel economy. With the efficiency of diesel engines and its early disposal of maximum torque (75nm at 2,000 rpm), this new mill doesn’t need to be revved high to achieve its peak power resulting to a claimed average fuel efficiency of 22 kilometers per liter. That’s quite a feature and good news for those who prioritize savings in their transportation expenses.

The return of the Suzuki Carry with a turbocharged diesel engine is a welcome treat to people who wish to expand their business and maximize their income. Costing a couple of hundred thousand less than some of its competitors which is only slightly larger with outdated engines, the Suzuki Carry DDiS provides a perfect value proposition. The only deal breaker might be the absence of air conditioning unit for the utility van variants which will most probably transport people. With the scorching heat steadily increases every year during summer time, adding an air conditioning unit might be a reasonable expense for the comfort of the passengers.


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