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Mazda 2 Premium

Posted on: May 02, 2017

The Mazda 2 is a mean looking, sporty hatchback that looks apart from the competition. The first generation Mazda 2 received high praises because of its dynamic handling and striking design. This new Mazda 2 at first glance looks nothing like the old one. It’s smaller by the looks of it and on paper they are almost similar apart from the Sky-Activ technology that’s implemented in the new 2. How will it stack with its predecessor?

Mazda’s “Kodo” design language made its cars the most beautiful in its class and the Mazda 2 is no exception especially our Mazda 2 Premium review unit with its shiny black color with red accents, black sporty wheels and striking bodykit. There is no mistaking that this car is the best looking of the bunch. But does it drive as well as it looks?

Inside the Mazda 2’s cabin, you are greeted with a sea of black plastic with chrome accents. There is a floating center screen for all the multimedia entertainment you need. The steering wheel is chunky and feels good to the hand with the buttons for your music and Bluetooth connection located at the left side of it. The center tachometer/speedometer combination is a nice sporty touch that can only be found on sports cars with proper illumination that automatically dims when the headlight is switched on. One cool thing about this car is that it actually comes with a Heads-up Display. It helps you focus on the road by indicating your speed without glancing down. This feature is commonly found on high end cars but Mazda is kind enough to put it in what is essentially an economy car. Space inside is on the tight side. Well, if I’m going to consider my preference about sub-compact cars, the Mazda 2 is just enough and doesn’t need extra space for practicality because on what it lacks in space, it definitely makes up for its dynamic handling. But alas, it costs bang-on the high side of the sub-compact class while having the least passenger and cargo space of the lot. A big letdown for some.

This SkyActiv drivetrain in the Mazda 2 is a gem. The 1.5 liter mill may not scare the other competitors in its class based on the spec sheet but the combination of a quick and responsive 6 speed automatic transmission and an equally quick and responsive engine makes a great tandem for the track and twisty roads. Fuel efficiency is really great especially with these new SkyActiv engines and transmissions of Mazda. Just don’t let the spec sheet fool you and try it for yourself before judging it on paper.

One of the main attributes of this car is its handling. Nothing can come close to this in its class. That short wheelbase and quick and direct steering makes this car a great weapon on the track. Ride is still supple for daily use while body roll is very minimal during hard cornering. Thanks to its well-balanced chassis, the Mazda 2 still lives another day as the best handling subcompact car in the market. Well done Mazda, well done.

At almost a million pesos for an essentially smaller car, it is hard to see why the Mazda 2 is a great choice. But that’s not the point with this car. Everything feels a touch more premium. The SkyActiv tech is there for a reason. And that smile and joy on your face after a spirited drive is priceless. You still get more on what you pay for, just not on the typical things you already know.

Written by J.I. Alvarez

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